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Hillary Jean

Anything Is Possible

My dance with cancer started in 2009 when I was a young 33 years of age. At that time my dance partner was fear, he was the leader and I followed nervously trying to keep in step. Our dance routine looked much like one would expect – surgery, reconstruction, PET scans, and chemotherapy. This routine left me skinny, lifeless, and bald. Characteristics you would not want to see in dancers as they glide effortlessly across the dance floor. Although I fumbled through the dance, crying at times as I tried to keep up with my leader, I am happy to say I did complete the dance and was pronounced “cancer free” when the music ended. 

Sadly, after the dance was over, it took my body, which was strong and beautiful before the start of the dance, much like that of most professional dancers, many years to recover; to fully reclaim its strength and beauty. What did I learn from that dance? I learned that I could not be in a partnership again with fear. I would not willingly follow as my emotions lead the way. I could not let cancer bring me to my knees because of the sheer terror I felt having heard those words “you have cancer.” I owned my decision by telling my husband that if my cancer ever returned, I would never ever go through chemotherapy again; I would never go back to the studio of Western medicine to find my cancer dance partner. Ever! 

As I journeyed through my five years of constant checks at my oncologist’s office, I started to read about alternative theories for treating cancer. That being said, having been deemed “cancer free” by my oncologist, who I was trained to trust, there was no urgency to truly, deeply understand these methods. I was simply skimming through the plethora of information. In my soul, I was living on the hope that Western medicine had done its job and eradicated cancer from my body. After all, if you remove your breasts, breast cancer will never come back, right? If those pesky little buggers were not a part of my body anymore, how could breast cancer return? When I elected to have a double mastectomy, I was told I had given myself the best chance of staying cancer free. In fact, my oncologist said my chances of having a recurrence were below that of the average American woman. Wow! This was great news, allowing me to believe all that was left for me to do was to rebuild my body from the devastation I had willingly put it through. 

As time continued to move forward, my fear of the cancer returning and ravishing my body slowly lessened. When that five-year mark came, which is an enormous milestone in the Western medicine world, I was starting to feel quite confident that cancer was truly a thing of my past. My oncologist actually told me, “Not to worry.” He said, “Your tumor markers have always been fine, if they have not elevated over the last five years they are not going to start now.” I almost could not believe what I was hearing! It gave me a lot of hope because he had never uttered any positive words like that to me before! Well… a few days later my phone rang, and for the first time in over five years, it was my oncology nurse telling me that my markers were elevated for the first time! These words left me speechless and unable to think clearly. Despite the promise I made to myself to not use conventional medicine if diagnosed again with cancer, I quickly reunited with my old dance partner, fear. Following his lead was like putting on an old shoe – familiar and comfortable. But after months of being poked and prodded like a laboratory mouse, tumor markers continuing to elevate, and no cancer being found, I broke up with fear and found a new dance partner, His name is God. Yes, in 2015, I became reunited with my long lost friends, truth and faith. I let my new dance partner lead me down unknown paths; paths that would end in complete and total healing of mind, body, and soul. He took me on an incredible and beautiful healing journey. 
My first destination along my path was Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) in West Palm Beach, FL. With God as my leader, I was able to participate in Hippocrates’ Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program (CCWP). The fearless trailblazer of the CCWP, Dr. Janet Hranicky, taught me how to save my own life. She proved to me that our thoughts can change our cells; something that was hard for an attorney like me to wrap my mind around. She explained the importance of letting go of emotional trauma; visualizing my beautiful and strong immune system cells gobbling up the cancer cells like Pacman gobbles up all those little dots on the screen; and not fearing cancer, yes, that was not a typo, NOT FEARING CANCER! I know what you are thinking, how can this be? I can tell you it is possible to not fear cancer. All of the lessons she taught were hard for me to wrap my legally trained mind around, but something about her, her truth, her dedication, her passion, and her intelligence hooked me. She was exactly the messenger I needed to bring me this truth. As a result, I threw myself into holistic medicine. I dug deep, researching tirelessly, learning all I could about Dr. Hranicky’s fascinating concept of epigenetics (our genes do not control our destiny).

My new dance partner knew best, as He always does when he led me to Dr. Hranicky and HHI. As fate would have it, one month later, my cancer was found and labeled as stage four. Admittedly, I fell apart for a few days, collapsing on my knees and quickly reuniting with that old dance partner, fear. But a few short days later I pulled myself together, asking myself if I truly believed everything I had learned about how the body can heal from cancer holistically and how I am not to fear cancer. I answered with a resounding YES as I knew my life depended on this one-word answer. After pulling myself up by my bootstraps, gripping tightly to God’s right hand, and allowing Him to lead the way, I slowly put together my holistic team and embraced the alternative way of healing from cancer fully and completely, as if it were my full-time job. 

I have built an incredible team of people who have surrounded and supported me through my journey, all the while holding tightly to the hands of my amazing dancer partner and leader, God. The journey I have been on for the last three years and eight months has led me to many amazing destinations, but most importantly has taught me how to keep my body free from cancer for over three years and five months. If you do the math, you will see that my team and I were able to eradicate stage four metastasized breast cancer from my body in just three months. Pretty incredible, right!? 

Metastasized breast cancer has been one of the biggest blessings of my life, second to marrying my amazing husband! As a result of breast cancer, I have heard very clearly from God what my life purpose is – to share my story with others, like you perhaps, who have been touched by this disease and offer them hope. To teach these seekers that it is possible to love the cancer cells right out of their bodies just like I did. It is possible to not fear cancer and heal completely from even stage four cancer. Lastly, it is possible for cancer to be a blessing; allowing you to become a version of yourself that you never would have imagined was possible. Are you ready to start your own transformation healing journey?

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