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Awakening Guidance and Support

  • 1 hour
  • 125 US dollars
  • Mesa Drive|Happy Canyon Farm|Skyview Farm

Service Description

A spiritual awakening occurs when a new perspective about the spiritual aspects of life emerges. This often feels like becoming 'awake' to a new reality and can include some disorienting symptoms. This service can assist with the following issues. A Radical Shift in Perspective: Awakening often involves a significant and sudden shift in one's perception of reality and the self. This shift challenges previously held beliefs and frameworks, leading to a sense of disorientation as individuals grapple with new understandings. Loss of Familiarity: The awakening process frequently entails letting go of old thought patterns, habits, and attachments that once provided comfort and familiarity. This loss can create feelings of emptiness and confusion as individuals navigate uncharted mental and emotional territory. Dissolution of Ego: A key aspect of awakening is the dissolution or reevaluation of the ego, which can be unsettling. As the ego unravels, individuals may question their identity, purpose, and place in the world, causing disorientation in the absence of a well-defined self-concept. Heightened Sensitivity: Awakening often comes with heightened sensitivity to emotions, energy, and the environment. This heightened sensitivity can overwhelm individuals who are unaccustomed to processing these experiences, leading to disorientation. Loneliness and Isolation: The journey of awakening can be a solitary one, as it may be challenging to find others who can relate to the experience. This sense of isolation can contribute to disorientation as individuals seek connection and understanding. Uncertainty: The spiritual and existential questions that arise during awakening may lack clear answers, leading to a sense of uncertainty and confusion about life's purpose and meaning. Physical Symptoms: Some individuals may experience physical symptoms during awakening, such as fatigue, headaches, or changes in sleep patterns, which can add to the overall sense of disorientation.

Contact Details

  • 5594 Mesa Drive, Castle Rock, CO, USA


  • Outter Marker Road, Castle Rock, CO, USA


  • Sky View Farm, Outter Marker Road, Castle Rock, CO, USA


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