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Energy Medicine Project

The Energy Medicine Project (EMP) is a nonprofit organization that provides care for humans and horses through complementary and alternative healing treatments.  In addition to providing direct services to clients like you, we match souls in need of healing with Energy Medicine products and services at minimal or no charge to the client.

The Energy Medicine Project was Inspired by Hillary Jean who now guides us in spirit.  Prior to her passing Hillary was on a mission to spread the message that thoughts and other types of energy systems are effective tools for healing the body. 

You can help provide a healing treatment for a soul in need with your one time or recurring donation.  

What is Energy Medicine?


Energy Medicine is

Energy medicine is a term for complementary and alternative healing modalities that work with the body to initiate natural healing processes. Biological cells communicate via electric signals that guide processes from cellular functioning through wound healing and nervous system repair.


Energy Medicine does

Stress, pain, disease or illness can imbalance the complex system of  electricity, energy fields and patterns that all living beings posess.  Energy Medicine supports or aligns the system(s) in distress to initiate physical, mental and emotional healing.


Energy Medicine helps

Chronic discomfort & inflammation

Low mood or anxiousness

Stress-related conditions


Difficulty sleeping or hyperactivity

Healing after injury or surgery

Cardiovascular function

Digestive issues (Colic in horses)

The above apply to both humans and horses.

Meet the Team

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